After working as a wellness professional for over a decade and evaluating wellness and fitness profiles of several personals day in and day out, one thing that stood out without a doubt was that there was no better alternative for healthy living than that of nature.

Whereas conventional medicine is primarily oriented towards treating of a disease, Ayurvedic medicine is oriented toward prevention, health maintenance, and treatment. In conventional medicine, drugs are developed on the basis of the concept that the elimination of specific factors behind a disease, such as for example microorganisms, will cure a disease. On the other hand, the belief in Ayurvedic medicine is that the disease is the product of an imbalance in the body and mental elements that reduce your body’s resistance to diseases. If the imbalance is corrected and your body’s defense mechanisms are strengthened by herbal formulas, lifestyle changes, and diet, then the body will resist a disease with a target of eliminating it. Herbal and herbomineral products regularly utilized in Ayurveda are believed to strengthen your body’s defenses. Scientific evidence is gradually developing in support of the Ayurvedic concept.

Nature / natural herbs provide the best source of treatments that are both affordable and simply the best. Though there are several commercial entities that are making herbal medicines, they are priced at exorbitantly. If money is not a concern for you then it’s the easiest way to consistently live an active herbal lifestyle. Most well known brands produce genuine and organic herbal products.

However since most are unable or unwilling to spend so much this site will help you identify the right mix of your herbal living. Even if your goal is to stay healthy or self treat any condition or illness you or your loved ones may have, we have posted enough knowledge here for you to start making your way to wellness.

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