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Step 1 - Select a Program
Select a program suited to your wellness needs. You can call us and we can help you deciede the best suited program for you whether it's a Weight Loss Program OR Weight Gain Program OR the Healthy Nutrition Program. We will explain you the cost structure for the monthly program.
Step 2 - Transfer/deposit the amount
Place the order by first transferring the exact amount in one of the following bank accounts (see below) and email us the following details; date of deposit/transfer, deposited bank, the amount, your name, number & full postal address where the products need to be delivered. All our prices are inclusive of delivery anywhere within India for orders over Rs.2000/-. Same day Despatched amount is recieved before 1pm, after that the next business day.
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Account Name:    LIVE HERBAL
Account Number: 912020064409537
IFSC Code:          UTIB0000698
Branch:               Balanagar, Hyderabad
Full Address:       SMR VINAY CAPITOL, D.NO. 6-3-10, SY. NO. 120
                                   BALANAGAR, HYDERABAD - 500 042 A.P. India

Video - Dr. Anoop Mishra, Director of Diabetes Department at Forties Hospital, New Delhi 

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Step 3 - Note your weight or possibly BMI readings before starting on the program
Make sure to get a Body Mass Index (BMI) check done before starting on your program so that you can measure the improvements in your health. If you are living in a city where we have a presence, our wellness advisor will be glad do a free BMI and a complete Body Fat health check-up for you.
Step 4 - Call us, after receiving the products
After recieving the products please call us and we will guide you on how to use the products correctly. This will ensure that you will achieve your wellness goals. Please get the BMI/FAT check done once a week till your weight and wellness goals are achieved. Then your Coach will guide you on how you can maintain what you have achieved.
- Cash Deposit in Bank
- Online Bank Transfer
- Post your Cheque/DD to this address
  6-3-678/1A Durganagar Colony,
  Hyderabad - 500082, A.P, India.

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