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Herbalife Distributor Online Application Steps

Step 2 - Fill out the 'Sponsor Information' form
Enter the following details at the sponsor information form:
Sponsor's Herbalife ID Number:: contact us for details
First 3 Letters of Sponsor's Last Name:: RIT
After Entering the details the screen should look something like this:
 Then click on the "Next" button. This will take you to the online Application form.
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Step 3 - Fill out the "Application" form
The screen here should look similar to this
Complete the form as required by Herbalife. The Fields marked with a * are mandatory to fill out. Please make a note of the Personal Identification (PIN). This will be used by you along with your own Herbalife ID to login to the site of your country which will enable you to place orders on all Herbalife products available in your country at a discounted rate.
Step 4 - International Business Pack (IBP)
After completing your Herbalife Distributor Application Process and and the payment. You will recieve an IBP which has a few FREE Herbalife Products, Training DVD's, presenation books and material. Also the Herbalife ID card that allows you to get all Herbalife products and also allows you to do business in 85+ countries worldwide.
Step 5 - Order Products Directly from Herbalife @ Distributor Prices with your new Herbalife ID & PIN from
Step 6 - If you need assistence in product's selection for your Order, usage of the products, etc OR if you are Interested to start your own Herbalife Business we will support you. Just send us an email and we will get back to you as early as possible.
Video - Introduction to Herbalife
Video - I am Herbalife
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Follow these simple steps:
Step 1 - Click on the Link of the country of your Residence

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Weight Loss
Weight Gain
Weight Maintenance
Weight Management
Morning Nutrition
Kids Nutrition
Formula 1 Nutritional Shake
Formula 2, Multi-vitamin
Formula 3, Personalised Protein Powder (PPP)
Afresh Energy Drink
Inner Nutrition
Digestive Health
Heart Health
Skin Care
Hair Care
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Herbalifeline (Omega 3)
Healthy Breakfast
FAT is Cholestrol
Business Opportunity
Product Discounts
Distributor Application
Apply Online
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For Kids
For 8+ years
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