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Video - Herbalife Sponsored Asia-pacific Athletes, Including Virath Kohli, Saina Nehwal & Mary Comb

There is more scientific evidence now than ever that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When we wake-up in the morning our body is empty and is yearning for good nutrition. Instead most of us either have a Carbs based breakfast or worse skip it all together. This causes imbalance in our body sugar & insulin levels and unwillingly our pancreas send signals to our brain for bad food choices that continues all day. This may cause health problems including fatigue, weakness, obesity, hyper tension, and other discomforts and problems.
Therefore it is very important to start the day by giving right Nutrients, Proteins and Water in balanced quantities to our body. This will increase our body immunity, energy and metabolism. Moreover it will also keep us in control and enable us to make the right food choices throughout the day. Read more..

Herbalife offers the best, easiest & safest way to lose weight on the planet. Herbalife weight loss program is not any other diet. It is also a Health Program. With Herbalife you will be giving your body the 'best nutrition' in the world and at the same time making a deficit of calories in your body. So you will be gaining health, vitality and energy along with reducing your weight and getting slim. With Herbalife the side effects associated with other diets (weakness, loss of immunity, fatigue) are not a problem. Therefore it's very easy to achieve your target weight goals. We will work with you to make sure you have the right guidance at all times.
Herbalife shakes are only 90 calories when taken in water and 220 calories in milk. They are also safe for all (approved by Dr.Anup Mishra, Head of Department of Diabetese at Fortis Hospital). Read more..
Nutrition at an early age is a must. Children today are extremely Malnutritioned and therefore are more susceptible to diseases and health problems.
Herbalife Dinoshake provides the best nutrition compared to any other energy drinks that are available in the market. All Herbalife products have a "seed to feed" policy, which means we control the product quality right from the start by growing food organically, extracting the vital nutrients and packing. Hence rest assured you will be confident that you child is getting the best nutrition, free of pesticides or chemicals. Read more..

Weight Gain

There are two ways to gain weight, one is to gain FAT (bad weight) and the other is to gain muscle (good weight). Herbalife weight gain program helps you to gain healthy muscle weight by providing your body with the right nutrition and proteins in the right amounts. With a little bit of exercise you can tone your body muscles to look great. At the same time you will feel energetic and your body's immunity will increase.
This is the best nutritional weight gain program available on the planet. Read more..

Inner Nutrition Products nourishes your body to give you internal strength, detoxification, build your immunity, vitality and energy. Core product range includes Formula 1, Personal Protein, Multi-vitamin, Aloe+ and Afresh. Read more..

Outer Nutrition Products nourishes your skin and body with essential vitamins and minerals for you to look and feel at your best. The product range differs for different skin needs. Some popular results include Reduced Pigmentation, Instant face lift facials, moisturisers, cleansers, eye creams for dark circles etc. Read more..

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